Day Care

Day Care is available 7 days a week. You just need to decide which days and times would be best for you. Day Care will be dependent on an assessment done by the Home Manager. If you have a Social Worker or other professional involved in your care, a Support Plan will also be required from them.


  • Breakfast
  • lunch
  • Tea
  • Drinks and snacks available during the day Shower or bath


(These can be arranged around what you like to do but are not compulsory) Trips outs. (These may incur an additional cost for transport or admission)
Hairdresser—our hairdresser comes on Mondays, if this is your day and you would like your hair done, please ask. (This will incur an additional cost.). If you have your own personal hairdresser, you can make arrangements for them to see you at Abacus.


If you have an appointment or they are due to visit you, you can arrange for them to see you at Abacus if you let them know or arrange to be collected from Abacus so that you can attend.


If you require medical attention in an emergency, while attending Day Care, this will be arranged and your Next of Kin informed.


If you require medication to be administered, this can be arranged as we have Senior Carers qualified to administer medication.


You will be allocated a named Nominated Carer to support your care who you or your next of Kin can speak to.


We aim to provide an Individualized, Person Centered Care Plan which you will be encouraged to be involved with. We find Life Stories helpful with this. We also aim to maintain your privacy, dignity and independence.


Abacus is a non-smoking building and smoking is not allowed on the premises.


This is allowed in moderation but only if it is not contra-indicated with medication or it is against medical advice. Alcohol may be available on special occasions.


Please sign the visitors book in the front hall (this is for Fire Safety reasons) and you will be shown to the lounge and introduced to staff and other residents. You can also participate and join in all activities and trips arranged at the home.

MEALS are usually served in the dining room, to encourage social interaction. Breakfast – on arrival – if booked for breakfast


When you are due to go home, carers will ensure you have your coat on ready for your family to collect you but please let staff know and remember to sign the visitors book on leaving.