Abacus Care Home

“Hats off it’s Easter”

Join us for a fun filled tour of Easter Celebrations and hats around the world. Take a “slow boat to China! and onto “The Old Bazaar in Cairo” where you’ll see everything from the “Cornish floral dance” to the “Irish river dance” and of course ” The Mexican hat dance!” so keep a welcome in the hillside for the lady on the Tutti-Frutti Hat! Party time productions will becoming to Abacus on 10 April 2019 2pm to do a 40 show all family and friends are welcome.


Party time Productions are coming on 5th December at 2pm to perform Puss in Boots, join the adventures of all singing all dancing talking cat Puss in Boots on his trail from rags to riches. Meet a host of colourful characters along the way, the Marquis of Carabas, the beautiful Princess and of course the terrifying Orge. It’s a 40 minute production with a chance to sing along to your favourite songs.

Firework display

We are holding a firework display on 6th November, food will be served from 5pm – 6pm. Fireworks will start 6pm prompt, all family and friends welcome

Abacus offer day care

Day Care is available 7 days a week. You just need to decide which days and times would be best for you. Day Care will be dependent on an assessment done by the Home Manager. If you have a Social Worker or other professional involved in your care, a care Plan will also be required from them.


  • Breakfast
  • lunch
  • Tea
  • Drinks and snacks available during the day Shower or bath


(These can be arranged around what you like to do but are not compulsory) Trips outs. (These may incur an additional cost for transport or admission)
Hairdresser—our hairdresser comes on Mondays, if this is your day and you would like your hair done, please ask. (This will incur an additional cost.). If you have your own personal hairdresser, you can make arrangements for them to see you at Abacus.


Residents lounge has make over

We are delighted to announce that we have just completed our much awaited make over in the residents lounge. We are grateful to the residents that helped select our colour scheme, fabric choice and curtains.


Fun for the Abacus residents

A beach theme garden party was much enjoyed by all the residents at Abacus Care Home. We have more events planned later on in the year. Please revisit our latest news page to keep up with all events and activities.