We understand this can be a traumatic time for you and your family and we want to try and assist the move be as easy as possible. There may be a few teething problems and we will endeavour to solve these quickly.

Before you arrive.

Please can you make sure ALL belongings, including toiletries/aids, handbags, purses/wallets and clothing are named. You can use the ‘sew on’ labels or iron on labels. We try our best to ensure property and clothing are returned to residents but if they are not named, it makes it very difficult to identify who it belongs to. If items are brought in after admission, please remember to name them.

What do I bring?

We recommend you do not bring valuables with you, although a locked cupboard/draw will be provided. A small amount of petty cash can be kept for you in the safe. You will need outer clothing and under garments, Dressing gown & night wear, slippers/shoes, coat, toilet bag & toiletries, shower gel/liquid soap/foam bath, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste & brush/denture cleaner, denture pot, Razor, hairbrush, comb, hairdryer. Remember, toiletries need to be replaced as you need them, as we do not provide them. Also bring with you, any aids you use, wheelchair or walking frame. Your medication, creams and pads you use. If you self-medicate at present, we will support you to continue.

GP’s, dentists, opticians, hairdresser etc

Our main GP practice is Carlton Street Surgery and arrangements will be made to register you with this Practice on admission. We have a visiting optician who comes to Abacus. Hairdresser – we have our own hairdresser who comes to the home on Mondays. You are able to continue seeing your own hairdresser or they can visit Abacus.

Can I personalize my room?

Yes you can. Pictures and items of sentimental value can be in your room. Items of furniture, like a favorite chair, etc can come with you but they must reach the fire safety standards/regulations and a tag on the furniture will identify this. Please check with the Home Manager to see if the furniture is suitable.  Personal belongings can be brought in before you arrive; please speak to a member of staff.

Rooms are usually decorated before you move in, but if you wish to decorate your room, to your taste, you are welcome to do this. Please discuss this with the Home Manager beforehand.


Bed linen and towelling is provided, however you are welcome to bring your own. All laundry, is laundered on the premises but if you wish your family to do your own personal clothing, please let us know.


On admission you will be assigned a named Senior Carer and Key Worker to support you with all of your care needs and to help you to settle into the home.


Please speak to your named Senior Carer or Key Worker in the first instant. If you are still not happy, you can speak to the Home Manager. A Comments/Complaints leaflet, on how to make a Comment/Complaint can be found by the signing in area.


You will be shown to your room, where staff will assist you to unpack. They will need to fill in a property list and check items are named. The Senior Carer admitting you, will have your Care File with them. They will talk to you about your care plans, ask you to sign your care plans and Terms and Conditions of Residency. A ‘Service User Guide’ and ’Statement of Purpose’ is provided for you, which you keep in your room, contains a more detailed explanation about Abacus Care Home. We provide individualized person centered care, therefore you and your nominated person (usually your next of kin or someone else) can be involved and have a say in the way you are cared for and supported. We will maintain your privacy, dignity and independence at all times.

MEALS are usually served in the dining rooms unless you are ill, to encourage social interaction and safety.

VISITING – Welcome at any time. In the interest of fire & safety, please sign in and out on every visit.

OUTINGS – You are welcome to go out at any time but please inform staff when you are going out and if a meal needs saving for you. Please fill in the ‘Responsibility form’ which is located by the signing in book.