Care fees & funding

Information regarding how our fees work

It is important to try to understand how the fee system works. We are a privately owned residential Care Home which accepts private and local authority placements.

To find out the cost of a privately funded placement please contact Abacus for further information on 01283 533166 and the Care Manager / Senior Carer will provide you with this information.

The information below explains how the social care fee system works

Qualifying for local authority financial assistance?

If you have been assessed as needing a care home place and your capital is below £23,250, you should be entitled to some level of financial support from your local authority.

If you have capital below £14,250 you will be entitled to the maximum level of support, although you will still contribute your income less £23.90 per week (retained for personal expenses).

If you have capital between £14,250 and £23,250 you will also pay a capital tariff of £1 per week for each £250, or part thereof, between these two figures.

If your assets – which may include your property – are calculated to be above £23,250 you will, in most cases, be expected to pay privately for your own care.

If the local authority is paying do I have a choice of care home?

You will have a choice of care home if the Local Authority is paying for your care, and you can even choose a home in a different county.

The home you choose must be suitable for your assessed needs, comply with any terms and conditions set by the LA, and must not cost any more than the LA would usually pay for someone with your needs.

What if the home costs more than the local authority is prepared to pay for?

If the cost of the room is higher than local authority, then a top up can be arranged to be paid by the family.