The following information tells you about food and drink at
Abacus Care Home.

It is important you have good healthy food to help you keep well. We provide a healthy balanced diet and we understand that some people have special needs or requests For example:

  •  You may need different food because of your culture of religion
  •  You may need special food because you have a disability or other illness.

It is important you tell us about any special needs

Meals are provided in dining rooms on the separate Suites or they can be provided in your room occasionally. Daily, you will be offered a choice from the menu to meet your food preferences and dietary requirements. If for any reason you may miss a meal, i.e. out with family or friends and you would like us to save you a meal, please let the staff know. If the choice is not to your liking, Our Catering Manager / Cook will try to accommodate your request. If you have any suggestion for meals, which are not provided at the moment, we frequently revise our menu’s and any suggestions are very welcome.

Guidance on foods brought in to Abacus Care Home

Our Catering Team make strenuous efforts to ensure they cater for all the needs of our residents. However, I understand that residents & visitors may wish to bring in ‘extra’ treats, such as:

  •  Chocolate
  •  Sweets
  •  Biscuits
  •  Cakes

But we would recommend you bring them in, in small quantities, as they can cause dietary problems. with our residents.. Could you also provide a metal or plastic container for them to be stored in.

Due to Food Hygiene Regulations , please do not bring in the following foods:

  •  Raw Meat
  •  Raw Poultry
  •  Eggs
  •  Un-Pasteurised Milk
  •  Pate
  •  Soft Cheese
  • Hot food