Abacus offer day care

Day Care is available 7 days a week. You just need to decide which days and times would be best for you. Day Care will be dependent on an assessment done by the Home Manager. If you have a Social Worker or other professional involved in your care, a care Plan will also be required from them.


  • Breakfast
  • lunch
  • Tea
  • Drinks and snacks available during the day Shower or bath


(These can be arranged around what you like to do but are not compulsory) Trips outs. (These may incur an additional cost for transport or admission)
Hairdresser—our hairdresser comes on Mondays, if this is your day and you would like your hair done, please ask. (This will incur an additional cost.). If you have your own personal hairdresser, you can make arrangements for them to see you at Abacus.